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Since Adult Swim is not airing any new anime shows currently, I decided to look at their schedule to see if they had any announced plans for new episodes or new series. After affirming that they are not airing anything new through February, I did a little Googling to see if any new shows have been announced, or at least if they plan on airing new Bleach episodes soon.

What I found is an article reporting that Adult Swim has lost the rights to Blood+ (no big loss) and Death Note (a shame, but I have already seen the entire series). However, they have announced that they have probably picked up three new anime series, but they have not said which.  As a side note, I watched the mini-Death Note marathon on Saturday night, not realizing that it was the last time the episodes will be aired on Adult Swim.

Clicking more links from Google, I found out that Adult Swim aired a bump that announced when they are airing new shows: Bleach on April 3, Venture Bros. on Aug. 22, a new unnamed show on Feb. 6 (obviously not on the current schedule), and another unnamed show on Sept. 25.

I learned one other thing: there is a new InuYasha series out called “InuYasha: The Final Act”, which covers the end of the story as written in the manga.  If you watched the original InuYasha series, you may have been disappointed by the end of the series.  Because there wasn’t really an end — the episodes just stopped abruptly mid-story.  Since this time around they have an actual end to the story planned out, I am hoping that one of the unnamed shows is this new series.

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On January 17th, 2010, at 1:11 am, Pi Visuals said ... [ permalink ]

I definitely want some closure with Inuyasha. I always felt the lack of an ending prevented it from being a truly great series – despite the fact that it had everything else in order to qualify as one.

It’s good to see new Bleach is right around the corner. I cannot wait to hear the outro song.

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