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Last year, Geneon announced that they will no longer distribute their anime to North America.  That meant that I could no longer get official dubs of two new anime shows I like, Hellsing Ultimate and Black Lagoon.  But I just found out that Geneon has found a new North American distributor for their works (it was actually announced a few months ago – I guess I haven’t looked in a while).  Funimation, a well-known North American distributor, will pick up the licenses for Geneon distribution.

Hellsing Ultimate follows the vampire Alucard, who is in service to a secret British military order, the Hellsing Organization.  The Hellsing Organization’s mission is to destroy monsters, such as vampires and ghouls.  The series (it’s actually an OVA, or direct-to-DVD series) follows the original manga pretty closely, which is why I’m a fan of this anime.  The original Hellsing TV series did not follow the manga after a few episodes, at which point the writing quickly went downhill.

Black Lagoon has been compared a lot to Cowboy Bebop, except the main characters are mercenaries and they are not in space.  I’m not saying it’s as good as Bebop, but it’s a good show and has some cool scenes.

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On September 19th, 2008, at 3:53 pm, Pi Visuals said ... [ permalink ]

Sweet! I can’t wait to watch Hellsing…so which disc were we on? What was happening in the story? It’s Gungrave all over again – except this time, it’s good.

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