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Portishead has been talking about releasing a new album for several years. I’ve been looking forward to hearing some new music from them but so far nothing has been released or even recorded. I just stumbled on their album’s MySpace page, which has two new tracks! Hopefully soon they will release a full album.

For those that haven’t listened to Portishead before, you should check out their “Dummy” album. I first listened to them almost seven years ago and I still listen to that album very frequently. There isn’t a good way to describe the style of the music, although the industry has dubbed it “trip-hop” (all trip-hop artists seem to hate that term – probably because it’s a generic category that is mean to encompass lots of different sounds that don’t fit neatly into existing styles).

If you’ve ever listened to Massive Attack, Portishead’s style is similar to some of their more downtempo songs. I’ll be watching Massive Attack live in a few weeks in Chicago; maybe if I’m lucky Portishead will tour soon and I’ll get to see them, too!

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