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Are you a fan of Jim Gaffigan?  Are you also a fan of Law and Order?  If you answered no to either of those questions, you should be ashamed of  yourself!  If you answered yes to both, however, you need to check out the Pale Force episode that parodies Law and Order:



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March 13, 2008 . Lazy permalink ]

It’s been a while, but there isn’t a whole lot to report. I’ve been busy with work and I’ve wasted some spare time on my new XBox (Call of Duty 4 is very, very fun). I did watch the first three discs of Black Lagoon, which is a fantastic anime. But now I’m waiting for some other company to pick up distribution of the remaining episodes from Geneon, which dropped all US distribution late last year. Bastards.

I stumbled across these funny videos a few days ago (it’s best to watch them in order, but in my opinion the second is the best).  Note to the gullible – none of what you are about to see was serious, although in the second one Jimmy was surprised because he actually did not know what was on the tape.





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February 1, 2008 . Gibson Robot Guitar permalink ]

Are you sick of tuning your own guitar?  Do you have $2500 burning a hole in your pocket?  Then the newest guitar from Gibson may be right for you!

The Gibson Robot Guitar has built-in circuitry and motorized tuners so you can quickly and easily switch between tunings by just turning a dial to and then strumming the guitar.  It also has an intonation mode which helps you adjust the bridge to get the best sound out of the guitar.

The only downside is the aesthetics: some people dislike electric guitars with three tuners on each side of the head (they prefer all six tuning keys on one side).  I guess those people won’t be buying this guitar!

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January 24, 2008 . Finally, New Portishead permalink ]

It’s official – Portishead (MySpace : Official Site) will be releasing their new album on April 14th! It’s been over ten years since their last studio album. Never heard their music before? Take a listen to the songs on Dummy, which is my favorite album by them (and one of my favorites in general). The songs on their other studio album, Portishead, are also excellent. Now if they will only set some tour dates in the U.S….

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November 26, 2007 . My Backpack’s Got Jets permalink ]

I just found this over at YouTube. The original song is “Fett’s Vette” by MC Chris (freely available for download at his website), but the version used in the video is a reprise by Badd Spellah that won the MC Chris remix contest a while back. Anyway, the video is hilarious! I had no idea Fett had such great dance moves.

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October 26, 2007 . New Gallery Post permalink ] [ trackback ]

After a very long silent period, the gallery has a new post.  It’s something I started in the early summer and actually had some time this month to finish up.  It’s a model and animation of the Planet Express building from Futurama.  Check it out in the gallery section!

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October 9, 2007 . Photos From Italy permalink ]

I posted the photos from our honeymoon in the “Photos” section, but because there are over 700 pictures I modified the section so that the honeymoon photos are on their own page linked from the main page.  You can also go directly to the photos using this link.  Enjoy!

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October 2, 2007 . I’m Back permalink ]

The last month was a bit hectic – I got married and spent two weeks in Italy for my honeymoon.  So, now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, I’ll have more time again to focus on hobbies and other pursuits (like maybe posting more on this site).  I’m also hoping to get back into Lightwave soon, so I hope to have more content in the gallery in the near future.  Or at least I’ll be able to learn more about the latest releases; apparently Newtek has released Lightwave 9.3!

On a totally unrelated topic, a while back my brother released his demo reel.  Check it out, it has some clips from University State plus some completely brand new clips of things he created on his own (with some slight technical assistance from me when needed).

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September 3, 2007 . The Mrs. permalink ]

Sorry for the long hiatus, but the past few weeks have been busy.  Last weekend I was in Las Vegas to celebrate a friend’s upcoming first child.  This weekend was the real reason my time has been so scarce lately: I got married!  Everything went beautifully.  And in two weeks I’ll be touring northern Italy on my honeymoon.

In between now and then, I’m looking forward to a few small TV-related releases.  Tomorrow (Tuesday), the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVD is released.  There are a still a couple of episodes I haven’t seen, so I’m excited to finally watch them.  Right before I leave, the new season starts on FX, so I’m excited to watch that episode and set my DVR to catch new episodes for me while I’m gone.  If you haven’t seen the show before, it’s a great comedy.  You can even view a bonus episode (a full twenty-something minute episode) on the It’s Always Sunny… FX MySpace page.

Also, next Sunday is the new Lucy, Daughter of the Devil series on Adult Swim.  I’ve been waiting for this show since I saw the pilot almost two years ago.  Try finding it on YouTube, you should be able to find it and see what all the excitement is about!

Aside from the shows, I’m looking forward to relaxing these next two weeks and getting ready for my trip!  So don’t expect much out of me until October.

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August 7, 2007 . South Park Buddhists permalink ]

I stumbled on some interesting flash videos produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  Using some of the South Park team, they added animation to speeches by Alan Watts, an expert on comparative religions (especially Eastern religions like Buddhism).

There are six short animations which are entertaining to watch.  Enjoy!

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