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SpheresI’ve been playing around with Maya recently and created this simple image to learn basic texturing.  The modeling is… well, there wasn’t really any modeling except for creating a few NURBS spheres and a flat plane.

But the textures are my own.  I created the one in the top-left first, to try different layering and bump map effects.  The green glassy one was a simple dielectric.  I’m quite proud of the marble one – I think it looks really good!  And I added the last one just to have a very reflective material in the shot.

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The marble and the bumped red/black texture both are cool looking. The four spheres as a whole is a pretty sweet render.

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[…] into LightWave are very limited and difficult to work with. I played around with Maya a bit and created some interesting surfaces using the built-in textures. Maya spoiled me, because each procedural texture has its own set of custom controls that let you […]

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